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BlueStorm Top 10


Welcome to the BlueStorm Top 10, a bi-weekly countdown of the current favorite games of BlueStorm. Now this isn't neccesairly a list of the best games ever, just the ones I've been playing a lot for the time being.

For some refrence, let me explain what each category means on the chart: RANK indicates the amount of time I've been playing a game, which is to say that a game that is #1 is one that I have been playing the most within the period of time (and what I consider to be a favorite for the time being). TITLE, PUBLISHER, and SYSTEM are pretty much self-explanitory. RANK CHANGE indicates how many places the game has moved from the last update (example: 5/+2 would mean the game climbed up 2 spots from the #5 slot, 5/-2 would mean it fell 2 spots from the #5 spot). BI-WEEKS ON CHART means how many times the game has placed on the chart every two weeks.
Rank Title Publisher System Rank Change Bi-Weeks On Chart
1 Gran Turismo 4 SCEA PS2 1/0 1
2 Sonic Heroes SEGA GCN - new
3 Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix Konami Xbox - new
4 Burnout 3: Takedown EA Games Xbox 2/-2 1
5 RalliSport Challenge 2 Microsoft Game Studios Xbox 8/+3 1
6 Project Gotham Racing 2 Microsoft Game Stuidos Xbox 7/+1 1
7 Project Gotham Racing Microsoft Game Stuidos Xbox - new
8 Burnout 2: Point Of Impact Acclaim GCN - new
9 Test Drive: LeMans Infogrammes DC - new
10 Midway Arcade Treasures 2 Midway Xbox 9/-1 1