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Written By Shaun McCracken

April 6, 2005

Every so often, this feature will take a look at three upcoming releases that you may or may not have heard about. I'll pick out the three upcoming releases currently announced that I, personally, am looking forward to. Perhaps you may have thought about getting one of these titles or not, and maybe I can help you out on your next decision. That's why BlueStorm is here, to help gamers find the information and opinions on the games they want! So, are you ready?

Game #1: Burnout Revenge

System: Xbox - Publisher: EA Games - Genre: Arcade Racing - Release Date: September 13, 2005 (according to EB)

Now that EA owns the Burnout franchsie (as well as Criterion Software), it's not suprising to see a follow-up to Burnout 3 almost one year to-the-date after it's release. According to an interview with one of the developers on Gamespot, Burnout Revenge will have all new features, including Revenge Takedowns, car-checking, a Traffic Attack mode (which is like Crash and Road Rage combined in a hell-bent orgy of smashing traffic) and more. Criterion is promising an even more dangerous, aggressive and wreckless racing experience, and after hearing about these new additions, I can't wait. The anticipation begins again.

Game #2: Geist

System: Gamecube - Publisher: N-Space - Genre: Shooter - Release Date: June 2005

Nintendo's afterlife shooter has been delayed yet again, from May to June 2005, and was originally supposed to be released late 2003. Hopefully the long period of development time will be worth it. Geist does have some interesting things going for it, such as human and animal posession, and hopefully it won't be another Psi-Ops or Second Sight (do we really need another game with psychic powers?). From what I hear, it will be a pretty graphic game as well, and it has already recieved an M-rating, making it only the second M-rated game to be published by Nintendo this generation. We'll see how all of ths comes together whenever Nintendo decides to release this game.

Game #3: Juiced

System: Xbox, PS2 - Publisher: THQ - Genre: Street Racing - Release Date: June 2005

Juiced was originally slated for release in September 2004, but Acclaim went bankrupt and ceased all opperations, as well as cancel everything planned for release. This may have been a blessing for Juice Games, because the game that was going to be released wasn't that great based upon the demo I played. Well, after being picked up by THQ, the developers have recieved some extra time in fixing what was wrong with the game and making it better than it was before. It sounds like the game has shaped up a lot better with the extra time, and might actually be something worth looking forward to this June. It's also nice to see a decent racing game be slated for release during the summer, when the releases are traditionally pretty weak.