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Quick 5: Tetris Games

Since it's debut on the PC in 1987, there have been many Tetris games in many variations. Some are relevant to the classic Tetris design, other games really don't seem to have much in common with the brand other than the name. On this list, there's a mix of both, and not suprisingly, all of these games appeared on Nintendo systems, because really, it's the only platforms these games were fun on.

Runners Up: 3-D Tetris (Virtual Boy), Tetris DX (Game Boy Color), The New Tetris (N64), The Next Tetris (PS1)

Tetris DS (NDS)

This is the newest game in the Tetris library, and it's the first Tetris game Nintendo has published in years. While it stays close to the original Tetris game, there are new modes that use the touch screen, as well as Wi-Fi multiplayer over the internet. You finally get a Tetris game on a portable that allows multiplayer to just not be limited to who sits next to you and has the same cartridge. Plus it has a nice Nintendo theme.

Tetris 2 (NES, GB)

There are actually three versions of Tetris 2: the NES, Game Boy and SNES version. But really the NES and GB versions are the better ones, since it has a more straightforward scoring system and a less retarded interface. Tetris 2 is similar to Tetris in terms of the piece design, but the game really plays more like Dr. Mario, where you need to match three colors to destroy a flashing block. It's a pretty fun variation on Tetris, and I'm suprised that Nintendo didn't try for a GBA port.

Tetris Attack (SNES)

Tetris Attack really has nothing to do with Tetris at all. In fact, when Nintendo released this game again on the GBA, it had a different name. The first version of this game, which appeared on the SNES one month before the N64 came out, had a Yoshi's Island theme, and offered a variety of game modes. The gameplay involved flipping panels around to match three similar patterns/colors/shapes, and if you had the skill, you can create some big combos and chains. Even though this really has nothing to do with Tetris, it's still a really fun game.

Tetris (GB)

If there was ever one game that made a system, it had to be Tetris for the Game Boy. While simple in design, Tetris proved to be the best pack-in game with the system, since it's so easy to pick up and play, and almost anybody could play, young or old. Plus, the scoring system is among the best out of any "classic" Tetris game, where you can actually score big points for getting a Tetris. If you had a Game Boy in the old days, you had this game.

Tetrisphere (N64)

My favorite Tetris game really isn't that close to the classic Tetris games. Tetrisphere for the N64 has the classic Tetris pieces, but instead of making lines, you drop pieces or slide them around to clear them off the sphere. Tetrisphere is a really fun and addictive game that I'm sure many N64 owners probably passed on back in 1997. It may seem complicated, but it's actually a pretty easy and fun game to get into. Really, all you need to do is clear 3 or more of the same piece off the sphere, and keep eliminating pieces until you reach the "core". Originally, this was meant to be an Atari Jaguar title under the name of "Phear", but Atari went under, so Nintendo picked up the pubishing rights and released it on the N64. It's a good thing this one didn't fade into obscurity.