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Latest E3 Developments

written by Shaun McCracken

For the week of May 8-12, Storm Videogames will bring you all of the most important news and developments out of E3 as they come out. We know that you'll be checking out all the "big" gaming sites for your information, but we'll boil everything down into an easy to use resource of all you need to know .


Microsoft Will Have Halo 3 For 2007, HD-DVD By Fall 2006, And Xbox LIVE Everywhere

Posted May 10, 2006
While only a trailer has been shown for Halo 3, it's been announced by Microsoft that the game will be out next year. Suprisingly, they also have plans to have Forza Motorsport 2 out for Q4 of 2006, as well as Gears Of War. The HD-DVD "add-on" has been announced to be released for the fall 2006 season, in time to compete with Sony's Blu-Ray video format, but the price is yet to be known. Micorsoft also wants to expand it's Xbox LIVE service beyond the console, possibly integrating it into Windows Vista, as well as mobile devices. In terms of peripherals, Microsoft will release an internet camera for Xbox LIVE, as well as a wireless steering wheel.(News sources: G4, IGN, Gamespot)

Nintendo Wii Expected "Q4", No Price Set, "Connect24" Announced

Posted May 10, 2006
Nintendo has presented the Wii once again, with games and a slight alteration to the controller. The updated controller now contains a speaker in the center, supposedly to give a more realistic feel to what you're controlling. A couple of other accessories have been unvieled such as a "classic" controller that liiks like a hybrid of the SNES controller with PS2-style analog sticks, as well as the possibillity for a next generation Zapper. Games displayed and assumed to be available on launch include Super Mario Galaxy, ExciteTruck, and Red Steel, among others. Online plans have not 100% been fleshed out, but has announced a service called "Connect24", which would enable a persistent online experience, even when your console is off. There are also plans to allow games that you download from the "virtual console" service to be transferred to your Nintendo DS. Launch of the Wii is expected to be within the fourth quarter of the year (rumor has it that Nintendo already has these systems built and ready to ship), but no price has been set for the console or the software.(News sources: G4, IGN, Gamespot)

PS3 Price, Date, And New Controller Revealed. Start Saving Up Now!

Posted May 8, 2006
Well, today Sony announced at their confrence the news we've been waiting for: the PS3 will be released November 17, 2006 and will come in a 20GB hard drive model for $499, and a 60GB hard drive model at $599. Ouch. The controller also recieved a redesign, which now resembles the PS2 Dual Shock controller, but will be wireless and have some motion sensor technology built in. According to, the motion sensing technology isn't exactally the same as what Nintendo has planned for it's Wii system, but more of a tilt sensor that doesn't rely on the television screen. The new redesign also includes trigger-like L2 and R2 buttons (which will be great for racing games), and a "home button" that controls the system like the Xbox 360 controller can. While the technology if the PS3 is sure to be the best in this next generation of consoles, the asking price seems incredibly steep, but as we've seen with the Xbox 360, people are willing to pay $400 for a console, so Sony might be able to get away with a $500 tag. (News sources: IGN, Gamespot)