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written by Shaun McCracken

You know you want it. You know you need it. That insatiable need to read another incessant list. We've got you covered. Welcome to the Top 11 section, the only place where having 10 just isn't enough. It's that one extra spot that makes these lists better than all the rest. So click away, and check back often to see what made the cut.

And as always, Enjoy!

Top 11 - New Series/Franchises This Generation
Top 11 - Greatest Multiplayer Games
Top 11 - Games For Fall 2004
Top 11 - Cars of Project Gotham Racing 2
Top 11 - Influential Games Of All Time
Top 11 - Game Soundtracks
Top 11 - N64 Games
Top 11 - Sequels I Would Like To See
Top 11 - Worst Games Ever (2003)
Top 11 - Dreamcast Games
Top 11 - Games That Wouldn't Sell