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PlayStation Review Archive

written by Shaun McCracken

For those who want to know how games of the past fare, look no further to the PlayStation archive section right here on Storm Videogames. Sure, the reviews may be shorter, but you still get the same scoring as the big reviews do, and that's really what you want to know in the end, huh?

** Later additions (after 1/05) will have a month and date alongside the title.

007 Racing 6.75
Does the Bond license really deserve this treatment? 007 Racing can now be best described as a precursor of sorts to the updated SpyHunter, except the graphics are horribly outdated (even by PSX standards) and the challenge is sometimes offputting. 007 Racing does have some charm, as it is a good driving-action game, but if you expect racing, look elsewhere. Challenging, very outdated.
Arcade's Greatest Hits : The Atari Collection 2 7
Roadblasters, Millipede, Crystal Castles, Paperboy, Gauntlet and Marble Madness on a fun but buggy and somewhat poorly emulated collection.
Arcade's Greatest Hits : The Midway Collection 2 7.75
Seven games in one package that includes SpyHunter, Joust 2, Blaster, Moon Patrol, Burgertime, Root Beer Tapper and Splat. Games are emulated nicely, but games are somewhat limited in gameplay and longevity (like Moon Patrol).
Arcade Party Pak 7.75
There's a party in my PSX, but Rampage isn't invited! Excellent conversion of Smash TV, Klax, Super Sprint and Toobin, with a mediocre port of 720, and a horrible emulation of Rampage that is best forgotten. Get this collection for Smash TV and Klax, which are both powerfully addictive and look and play just as good.
Area 51 5
It supports the light gun accessory, looks like the arcade game, but lasts as long as an episode of Married With Children, which is actually more fun, because the gameplay is rather plain.
Atari Anniversary Edition Redux [9/05] 7.75
A solid collection of 10 or so arcade games, with great emulation. However, things are difficult to see on the high-resolution setting, especially the vector-based games.
Ceasar's Palace Millenium Gold Edition 4
The gameplay in CPMG just does not work, as the game is just too boring. Sure, it has a multitude of casino games, including an interesting array of card games and slots, but this game feels like a very unlively and lonely experience. Graphics are average and there's not that much to speak of in sound. When it's all said and done, I will take (and have) Nintendo's 1993 Vegas Stakes over this casino game anytime.
Chrono Cross 10
Like Mary Poppins (what an analogy), Chrono Cross is perfect in every way. Highly involving story, a great (and strategic) battle system, excellent graphics and sound, and has over 60 hours of gameplay. Even if you don't like RPG's, Chrono Cross will make you change your mind about how RPG's are made. Let's hope the series continues to get better and better in future consoles (and hopefully it will end up on a Nintendo system again!).
Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn 5.5
A runaway nuclear train with some world leader with family members trapped inside, what shall we do? Well, if the control and cameras didn't mimic Resident Evil's style, maybe I can save them, providing I don't hit every possible load time in the game. And if they wanted to go with the RE style, why not make the graphics pre-rendered? There's too many messy gameplay issues here, and truthfully, I only played it three times until I took it to Gamestop and traded it in. If you can tolerate lots of load times and backtracking, go nuts.
Crash Team Racing 8.75
Honestly, this is the best kart racer to come out in ahwile. I was kind of disappointed by Diddy Kong Racing, so getting this was sort of a gamble. CTR took up a lot of my time, as I played it from start to finish, unlocking most of everything. The challenge modes are a great addition, and some will leave you scratching your head. The problem, though, is that I beat this in about a week, with everything unlocked. It's not exactly Gran Turismo depth. It's not a bad purchase, though, and is fun no matter how old you are.
Crash Bandacoot 3: Warped 8
As far as PS1 games go, this game looks really good. Sharp textures, good resolution and a great framerate. HOWEVER, the gameplay is far from original. I thought the Bandacoot series was in the lines of Mario 64, but is really nothing more than a gussied up on-rails platform game. Sure, there's multiple camera shifts, and different gameplay modes, but where's the exploration? What made Mario 64 so good was that it gave gamers the freedom to go wherever they want, as well as find secrets. Not here. Each stage is fairly linear. It is fun until it lasts, but after that, you long for more.
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 8
DMFBMX is basically Tony Hawk on a bicycle, but is still very playable and pretty good in design. This style of extreme sport blends skateboarding and motocross stunts, and allows for the player to do things differently (such as ride in the dirt and get bigger air). Do I make sense? The graphics leave a little to be desired. It has fairly decent textures, but from far distances, polygons are almost primative (like a cube), and morph into their shape when you approach it. The best example are the Woodward pipes, where the corners are deformed. Also, why do the players flop like dolls during a bail? It's a good game, but pick up the DC version if you have the console, or better yet, grab the GCN/PS2/XBOX sequel.
Destruction Derby 6
While this may be an interesting way to vent your daily frustrations, the gameplay and design of DD is fairly limited. While the cars show damage, each selectable car body looks the same, other than the detailing. The courses are also rather uninspiring, and rather compact. What would have worked is if the arenas were similar to the size and design like Vigilante 8, but we have little to work with here.
Dino Crisis 8.75
From the same people who brought Resident Evil, have also created Dino Crisis. While somewhat similar in design, DC breaks away from the pre-rendered backdrops that we saw in RE. The graphics are good, but there are a few camera issues. It's a great game with confusing puzzles. It's how we always hoped a Jurassic Park game would be.
Dino Crisis 2 8.25
The sequel to the survival horror game with dinosaurs does patch the story up a bit, but really falls apart later on in the game where it seems the story is just not that important. Capcom also decided to go with pre-rendered backdrops, which does look prettier, but still gives the feeling of moving a 3d character on a 2d plane. DC2 also emphasizes more action than scares, and the result is a game that could be beaten in less time than most adventure games. DC2 is not a bad ride, but leaves out the thrills and suspense of the original. This is for the ones who have an itchy trigger finger.
Driver 6.5
I feel that this was one of the most OVERHYPED games on the system. I couldn't see what other people saw in this game. The graphics weren't extravagant (although the stages were pretty big), the physics didn't win me over, and I felt that the AI and challenges were a little cruel. I've played better games than this, and I may be one of few who thinks Driver is not the best game on the PSX, or the best game I've ever played. I actually thought that 007 Racing was more fun than this, so what does that tell you?
Einhander 8.5
Many claim that this is one of the best side scrolling shooters ever made. Personally, I thought R-Type Delta was better. Einhander is still pretty good, and hard as hell even on easy. But only 5 levels? For a company who makes games that last a long time (the RPG's, generally speaking), this game sure is short.
F-1 2000 7
I fall into this trap everytime I get an F-1 based racer. I think it will be fun, I think it will be in-depth and after a week, I get bored of it and just set it aside. It's happened every time. There's nothing in here I haven't really seen before, and really falls short when compared to Gran Turismo.
Fear Effect 8.75
Take lots of action (with gore), a good story, great voice acting, RE-style gameplay, add some borderline softcore porn, and you have Fear Effect. This is defintiley not for the little ones. While the mechanics is something I've seen many times before, the use of FMV as a pre- rendered backround is rather interesting. Load times are long, and the game spans across 4(!) discs, and it's only about 10 hours long. It's still very good, but a bit trying at times.
Forsaken 8
If you own both a PSX and an N64, you'll be happy to know that both versions of Forsaken are different. The PSX version is pretty much a straight up port of the PC game, and is fairly linear (unlike the N64 version, where levels are chosen based off of what you do). Graphics are decent and the sound is good, but why did Acclaim go for passwords rather than a memory card save?
Gran Turismo 9.75
The series that changed the racing genre forever. The graphics hold up pretty well, even though GT3 looks extrodinary, and runs at a smooth framerate. Sound is great and the gameplay can't be beat. Cool HI-RES mode.
Gran Turismo 2 9.75
It pretty much looks, sounds and plays the same as the first GT, with a less arcadey feel in the sim mode. I wish there was more music (GT2 only has 6 music tracks), and as much as I love Garbage, I can listen to "I Think I'm Paranoid" so many times. It is worth noting that GT2 has at least 600 licensed cars, more than any other game.
Hi-Octane 1
The track fights back? How? With slowdown and pop-up? Badly timed sound effects? It's like these developers peeked at WipeOut's design and couldn't come up with anything good. It has about 5 minutes worth of gameplay, then you get sick of it.
Jet Moto 7.5
When I first saw (or heard) of this game back in the day, I thought it was a WaveRace rip-off. It's far from that. Jet Moto is actually a good concept for a racer that could benefit from weapons and better control. Graphics are ok, and the sound is good, but the control is pretty stiff, especially when you have to use the actual PS control pad.
Jet Moto 2 7
It looks like the first Jet Moto, it sounds like the first Jet Moto, and even has the courses from the first Jet Moto. The problem is, there's no real improvements to this sequel, cheating people out of a new experience.
Jet Moto 3 7.5
There's some new things in JM3, as well as a new developer. The texture design has improved, only to be marred by it's lack of perspective correction (which prevents texture warping). There's going to be a point in time where this series is going to get good, but only if Sony does away with it's 989 division.
King Of The Fighters 99 7.5
It's a nice looking fighter that is a pleasant reminder of the SNES days, but it's fighting system is kind of confusing. But that doesn't mean the game isn't playable, and it's not so bad as cheap pick-up from a used game store.
Mega Man 8 7
This is an abomination of the Mega Man franchise. I dare say it's even worse than MM2 on the Game Boy. The game is way too cartoonish and uses way too many pastel colors. What's worse, is in the FMV, Mega Man sounds like a frickin' girl! This is why old video game characters do not deserve a voice. Even if they had to use a voice, why couldn't he sound like he did in the cartoon that was around a few years back. Capcom really messed up here. But at least the gameplay didn't suffer as much as the presentation did.
Mega Man X4 8.25
Hey, this pretty much makes up for Mega Man 8! The art design is less cartoonish and more of a comic book type of design. I think that MMX4 could have actually used some flash special effects to liven it up, but perhaps it would mess up the design. It's a great transition from the SNES to the PSX, and best of all, X barely talks at all!
Mega Man X5 8.25
Did Capcom one day realize that they still had a marketable franchise other than Resident Evil? Mega Man X5 is really not all that different from X4, except for the clock that shifts the ending later on. Much like Mega Man 5, the X series is starting to suffer from some rather poor boss designs and even worse names.
Mega Man Legends 7.75
I suppose it's natural for popular 2-D games to make that special transition to 3-D. It all started with Mario 64, and unfortunately no other game has been able to capture it's essence. MML is mostly an adventure game with RPG elements (barely), and is really not that interesting or involving. Textures are rather weak, but the voices are decent. The whole adventure is rather dull since ol' Dr. Wily is running a boat rental service.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy [9/05] 3.5
Like the N64 version, but worse. The loading sequence between Shang Tsung's transformations is one of the most ridiculous things I've seen in a game. It just brings things to a screeching halt.
Moto Racer 2 [9/05] 8
Not a bad motorcycle racing game, but it just seemed like something was missing throughout the game. Perhaps it was the lack of real world bikes or racers, or the fact that the course editor sort of made playing the pre-made courses a tad useless. Speaking of the course editior, it's one of the stranger and more constrictive ones to use. Fairly solid effort.
Moto Racer World Tour [9/05] 8
The thrid installment to the Moto Racer franchise adds more to Moto Racer 2, while subtracting the course editor. The developers also tried to throw in a few new game elements. Basically lost in the shuffle of PS1 games of 2000. Might be worth looking at if you want some MX/Superbike action.
MTV Music Generator 8.25
Is this really a game? It's more of something to do when you're bored or feeling creative. MTV Music Generator is a great diversion for those looking for something to do, and creating a song does eat up your time. But if you are actually in to creating music to distribute, look towards the PC version of the game. The songs you create in that version can be burned onto a CD. Here's a plus, the music you create is YOURS, since you paid for the CD samples. Just be careful when you use copyrighted works (as it states in the manual).
Need For Speed 7.75
Here's where it all started, and the game's not too bad. Environments look good, but the car models range from decent to poor (noticably the Dodge Viper as the poor one). Not a whole lot of gameplay options, but a classic arcade racer nonetheless. Probably the only time within the franchise history that a NFS game has a stable framerate.
Need For Speed III : Hot Pursuit 8
Better graphics, car models and sound, but it's basically the same as previous NFS games with one new feature, the Hot Pursuit mode, which you can outrun the police or become an officer of the law.
Need For Speed : High Stakes 8.5
To date, I think this is the best NFS game in the series, since you can actually buy cars and demands a little more from gamers. New championships as well as old modes from previous titles. The High Stakes mode only works with two people who each have their own save file. It's too bad the HS mode can't be played against the computer. NFSHS also has a noticably lower framerate than past games in the franchise, which is a bit of a downer.
Need For Speed : Porshce Unleashed 8
The NFS takes a strange turn, and offers a game based upon one auto maker. Was it a good idea? If you like Porsches, then yes, but it seems like there's something missing in this edition. There are plenty of cars to choose from (the game taps in to a 30+ year history), but the courses seem repeditive. Also, the game looks very similar to V-Rally 2 (which was also the same developer as this game). The framerate's improved over the last installment, but there isn't a high-stakes mode.
The Next Tetris [9/05] 8
Not a bad stab at the Tetris franchise, and does include some new and interesting gameplay modes. The one thing that I dislike is the lack of a scoring system that is similar to the Nintendo-published Tetris titles (which had the best scoring system). Good multiplayer mode.
Nightmare Creatures 6.5
Nightmare Creatures is less survival horror and much more along the lines of classic arcade brawlers like Final Fight or the hack and slash adventure Gauntlet. Rather sketchy controls, a strange camera and gameplay that grow stale after a few stages. Those expecting Resident Evil or a Tomb Raider-like game turn away, there's nothing in here that you or I haven't seen before.
Omega Boost 8.25
This is about as close as you can get to Star Fox on the PSX as you can get. There's a lot of fast action in this game, but it's very short with only 9 stages and little else to keep you there. It's a fun ride, it just doesn't hold well for repeat visits (no matter how hard you try).
Parasite EVE 8
What do you get when you mix Resident Evil with RPG elements? This game. Based upon a novel by a Japanese author, you take control of Aya Brea, an NYPD cop who discovers she's someone special because she doesn't get immolated in flames. It's up to you to fight mutated creatures and stop the mitochondrial leader from wiping out mankind. This game would be excellent if Square would have thrown out the RPG elements, but that's not how they do things around there, huh? Great cinematics, though.
Parasite EVE II 8
Aya returns in PEII, which now takes place in California. Now as a part of a new organization called M.I.S.T., Aya must find out who or what is causing the same mutations we saw in the first game. PEII is more action oriented, and as a whole, feels more like Resident Evil, but Square still can't break themselves away from the RPG elements. Battles are not as much of a surprise anymore, since most creatures are visible. The graphics look really nice, probably the best pre-rendered visuals the PSX has to offer. It's still pretty much the same game with a new story and a new style gameplay.
R4 : Ridge Racer Type 4 9.75
This has to be one of the best racing games on the system, as well as the best RR game in the series. It's even better than Ridge Racer V. R4 pushes the PS1 to it's graphical limits, presenting a nice looking racer with great lighting, good resolution, and a smooth framerate of 30 FPS. R4 does something different from previous RR games, provide a simulation experience with a story attached. The downside, however, is that there is only one GP, and this problem is resolved in Ridge Racer V (although we deal with less and remade courses there). If there's one bright side, is that there are 300 cars to unlock. Not all are different by appearance, but do have differences in power. You can keep up to 8 cars that you win in your garage for use on the time attack mode. I said it before, R4 (to date) is the best Ridge Racer game in the series, and stands to be one of the best driving games on the PS1.
Rage Racer 8
The third installment of the Ridge Racer series isn't bad, but still has the same problem that plauges past RR games (which is the lack of courses). Here, you can actually earn credits to buy and upgrade cars, which unfortunately never made it into the future versions. The graphics leave a little to be desired, with lots of painfully obvious seams in the polygons. The game does move fast, and after awhile, you forget how dated the game looks. Rage Racer has suprisningly addictive gameplay, but one course with four variations can go so far.
Rally Cross 2 [9/05] 5
I'm sorry, I just didn't like this game. I know there's a few people out there who thought this series was good, but I found the slow pace, weak course design, difficult AI, shoddy collision detection and loose controls too much for me. The V-Rally series is far greater than this.
Ray Crisis : Series Termination 8
Ray Crisis is the end to the shooter series that originated in Japan. Not a bad shooter, and full of action, the problem with Ray Crisis is that it leaves you wanting more. All of the effects and explosions are sure to give someone epilepsy, but that's what these shooters are about. Is it worth finding? Sure, it's a great addition to anyone's classic shooter collection. It's a great throwback to old-school gaming with next generation technology.
Resident Evil 8
Ok, by the time you're reading this, the Gamecube version of Resident Evil is already on the shelves, so why talk about the old PSX version? It's worth noting that this IS where the series began (well, on the Saturn too), which brought a whole new genre of gameplay, as well as many imitators and games inspired by the series (or if you're Konami, make it better). By PS1 standards, the game looks good. It's not as opulent as the GCN version, but it doesn't hurt the eyes. The sound is good, until the characters talk. RE has never been known for it's high-calibur voice acting, but COME ON. First you make Dr. Light stumble on his lines in Mega Man 8, then this? It's classic gameplay, and it's painfully obvious when Capcom decides to bring the whole series back on a new console.
Resident Evil 2 8.5
Better than the first? Yes. Lots of near pant-crapping moments? Yes. RE2 is much better than the first game, and feels a lot more open, with some room for exploration. Game still uses pre-rendered backdrops, but in this installment, I really don't mind. It looks, sounds and plays like Resident Evil, but on a much bigger scale. 2 discs bigger to be exact.
Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis 8
For some reason, I just couldn't get into this one. Some say that this is the best RE to date, some don't. I'm one of them. At this point, the formula becomes tiring, and the fact that Silent Hill was released around this time doesn't help much either. The pre-rendered backgrounds look good, but really limit gameplay, since you can't interact with much of anything. Is this the worst RE? No, that would be RE Survivor, but the series really slows down here, much like how the Mortal Kombat series slowed down at 3 .
Resident Evil : Survivor 5.25
Why was this released in the US, on the PS1? It may have done better on the Dreamcast, since it was an arcade light gun game. But RE Survivor is a light gun game turned first person shooter. Taking the RE puzzles and item gathering with shooter elements was really a bad idea. Either make it like Medal of Honor or Quake II, or like House of the Dead. Greedy motherf**ker, you can't have your cake and eat it too. This serves as the worst Resident Evil game, as well as being a mediocre PS1 title. Just because it says Resident Evil, doesn't mean it's good. Oh, as for graphics, I've seen better. And sound, I've heard better. And gameplay? You get the idea.
Ridge Racer 7.5
A launch title as well as a classic. What seemed like something big then is just not that impressive now. If you can find it cheap (and it's hard not to), add Ridge Racer to your collection. HOWEVER, if you own R4 with the bonus disc, I wouldn't bother picking this game up.
Rollcage 8
You know those RC Rebound cars? The cars with the big tires, and you can flip them over? Well, take those cars, and make it into a racing game with WipeOut inspired weapons with a soundtrack featuring Fatboy Slim. Sounds cool, right? It almost is, if it weren't for the spastic handling mechanics that makes Rollcage more frustrating that fun. There's a good number of courses, and each has their set of tunnels, jumps, bumps and obstacles. Unfortunatley, those jumps and bumps send your car flying, and pointed in the wrong direction. If you really want to challenge yourself, pick up Rollcage. The learning curve is STEEP.
Rollcage Stage II 8.5
Rollcage returns from a very bumpy ride between publishers. From what it would seem like certain doom for this game, Midway graciously decided to publish the sequel to Rollcage. Good thing too, because this version is better than the first game. The handling has improved a little, and you can actually make turns without losing your grip that much, but there was still room for improvement. The best thing about RCSII is the gameplay. There are so many modes in RCSII, it's hard to get bored with this game. There's the typical championship that can be played two different ways, there's the time trials, a mode called Scramble, which is a maddening puzzle mode full of over the top challenges, there's Demoliton, which is self explanitory, as well as a number of multiplayer modes. Rather than lengthening the run-on sentence above, it's safe to say that RCSII is fully stocked. Other than the handling, the other downside is that the graphics haven't changed all that much.
Silent Hill 9.75
Don't dismiss this game as a Resident Evil clone. In the end, Silent Hill is a different experience than RE altogether. First off, there's no pre-rendered backgrounds, you have freedom of motion and the abillity to explore the environments. SH is more of an adventure-horror since the way it plays out. Second, SH is more intense than RE, because of the disturbing imagery and the storyline seems a little more plausible than zombies taking over a town. Silent Hill is a scary, intense ride from start to finish, and is actually worth playing all the way through. The story makes you question what will happen next and question your decisions, and your decisions have an impact on how the story ends. Silent Hill pushes the PS1 as far as it really can go in terms of graphics. The game doesn't look bad, but not as sharp as other titles on the console. Pay attention to the use of art direction and sound, and appreciate how much goes into scaring the crap out of you. While RE goes for the cheap scares (and they do work), SH goes for the longterm effect. Even after you finish, you'll remember this game for a long time. What once was thought to be a RE clone, turns out to be one of the most creepiest, stylish and best games ever made. Before you venture into Silent Hill 2, give the first a try.
Sled Storm 9.25
You know, I had an idea like this BEFORE the game came out, but I guess it's great for someone else to do the work for you. If you think the racing world has touched every form of vehicle, think again. Sled Storm is a fast and fun snowmobile racer that also plays like a motorcross title (and much more fun, too). A surprise hit as well as a refreshing romp through territory that was once untouched. While there may have been many imitators (Sno Cross, Artic Thunder), Sled Storm still does it best. Great control and gameplay, graphics are good, but have way too much pop-up.
Sno-Cross Championship Racing 7
For $9.99, it is a fairly good deal, considering what it has. Sno Cross tries to capture Sled Storm's formula, and also tries to throw in some sim as well, but the end result is too messy, leading to a tediously difficult racer with somewhat flawed controls, average graphics and sound. The plus side is that Sno Cross has a course editor, but the game really has less replay value than Sled Storm, and is one that I can't recommend over the said title.
Spec Ops : Stealth Patrol 2
Below average graphics and sound and ridiculosly hard AI. Can I at least move 10 feet before getting shot at? And how can you be stealthy if the AI can already find you and shoot you in the ass before you can leave your starting point? This is pretty much the poor man's Rainbow Six. I've bought better for $10.
Spyhpon Filter 8
Well, 989 does have something good going here, but also a game that can be a pain in the ass. SF plays like Metal Gear Solid in the 3rd person perspective. The game engine is fairly solid, the graphics and sound aren't bad, but I have a problem with the fact that the game is very unforgiving. You get so far, then lose and have to start all over again (unless you make it to the halfway point). It plays better than Mission: Impossible, but playing over and over until I get it right just puts me off. If you like these kind of stealth shooters, go ahead and give Filter a try. Be warned, this isn't for casual gamers.
Tekken 2 7.75
A good 3D fighter, but too many buttons to push to enable a combo. Somewhat blocky character models. The game does move fast and the challenge is there.
ToCA Championship Racing 6.25
This game was not worth the trouble for me trying to get, since this is an average racing experience. Popular in Europe, only to be shadowed by the predominate release of Gran Turismo, TOCA falls on deaf ears. Sure, there's real cars and damage models, but the whole thing is just dull. No customization, no real sim elements and a strange handling system which seems to emphasize powersliding a bit too much. It's not a horrible racer, but it's one that didn't hold my attention for that long.
Tomb Raider 2 6
I could never figure out why my brother liked this game so much. I found the controls frustrating as hell, and in my opinion, kind of renders it unplayable. Good cinematics and voice acting, though.
Tomb Raider 3 6
Now supports the Dual Shock! Too bad it doesn't do a damn for me. Slightly better visuals.
Tomb Raider : The Last Revelation 5.75
Why do I do this to myself? FIX THE DAMN CONTROL SCHEME, EIDOS!
Tomorrow Never Dies 5.5
How do you follow up GoldenEye, one of the best FPS games made, as well as a game to do the Bond license justice? If you're Black Ops, you don't, or that's how it seems. The developer had good ideas smeared into bad execution and the end result is this is the worst Bond game in the series. First, TND looks similar to Mission: Impossible and Syphon Filter, which was not how GoldenEye was presented. That in itself was a mistake. Second, they wanted Bond to have "stealthy" moves, that is if it can be done right. Third, they wanted to have different sequences for stages, such as shooting, driving and skiing. That, I don't have a problem with, but couldn't they have done it better? It took awhile for EA to realize that the NFS staff could do the driving levels (which was done in Agent Under Fire). The game itself is messy. Missions are sometimes unclear, the particle effects are possibly some of the worst I've seen and the graphics range from decent to pretty-damn ugly. So much was focused on presentation that the developers forgot what was key (and what Rare put in): Gameplay. If I don't want to play it over on end, or keep it in my system for a couple of months, like GoldenEye, what's the point of owning it? I can give a couple of points for having decent challenge, but I'll take it away for just making the whole thing dumb. This is an embarasment to the franchise and was close to destroying what Rare has done for movie-based games.
Turbo Prop Racing 7.25
It runs at 60 FPS, it's similar to HydroThunder, but not as exciting. It has a random course generator to stretch the replay value a little. Fairly average, and you would actually do better with HydroThunder.
Twisted Metal 7
Play the first game in the series! It's better than the downhill slide it took in part 3. Rather weak visuals and no saving. Luxoflux does the genre better in 1998 with Vigilante 8.
Twisted Metal 3 3
Um Jammer Lammy 8.75
Probably the strangest, most addictive and charming game I've played in a long time. Should we give the art designers and directors some props, or haul them to a rehab clinic? The design of Um Jammer Lammy is like part acid trip, part DDR, part "what the f**k" and a lot of fun and frustration. While it's only seven stages, it's one hell of a time trying to get there. The toughest stage I have encountered is stage 4, and it seems so damn impossible to actually press all those buttons. But don't fret, if you can do some cool improvisation, it's all good. For the price it goes for used, it's definitely worth picking up. Be sure to free your mind and flex your fingers!
Vigilante 8 8.75
Much better than the Twisted Metal series, and the theme is a little more likeable. While TM goes for the doom and gloom, V8 goes for the funk and groove. The controls (while loose) are easier to grasp, and the game is more visually appealling, but what's with the texture pop-up? IMO, Vigilante 8 is the best vehicular combat series, too bad it didn't spawn off as many sequels. ** You can also pop-in your own music CD's, and it doesn't skip like Ridge Racer!
Vigilante 8 : Second Offense 8.5
It looks and sounds like the first, but has new characters, stages and features. You can now take to the air and sea for a new level of car combat. Is it radically different? No. Is it still fun? Yup. And, if you have the original V8, pop the disc in during the game to access the original game's stages, as well as the courses already in V8SO. Double your explosive pleasure!
(The) World Is Not Enough 7.75
Black Ops redeems themselves in the second Bond game on the PS1, but still have a lot to learn about replay value. Now, TWINE is in a first-person view, has better textures (some are actually pretty good by PS1 standards), and more focused gameplay. The problem, though is that the game is WAY too linear. Stages are so definite, unlike the N64 version, where a little exploration can be done. It does keep with the movie, but you can stray a little. Hell, even Rare did in GoldenEye. If the poor character models doesn't depress you that much, the lack of multiplayer will. The N64 has it, why not here. Black Ops should have known that that's one of the biggest reasons why GoldenEye was so popular. Let's hope they (Black Ops) don't touch the series again.
You Don't Know Jack Mock 2 8.75
Hands down, the funniest game on the PS1. It's also the best game show/trivia game I've ever played. At heart, it has all the irreverent humor that has made Jack a hit on the PC, but this time it has a twist. You play in 15-question episodes, which all follow a theme, which could be Teen Angst, Plastic, Practical Jokes and more. There's 50 episodes in all. It's fun alone, but even better against others (cause you can Screw Your Neighbor™). Don't Be A Wimp™, go out and find YDKJM2. It's a laugh riot!