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Top 11 Dreamcast Games

written by Shaun McCracken

The Dreamcast may have had one of the shorter lifespans in console history, but somehow managed to squeeze out 250 games into it's library, in half the time it took the N64 to accomplitsh the same feat. Here are the top 11 games for the DC.

  1. 11- Soul Calibur: It's on the list, OK! Soul Calibur is a great fighter with really sharp graphics and detail. I haven't played a whole lot of it to appreciate it more, I do realize that this is a stand out title. I am looking forward to the sequel, especially the GCN version (which should be better since it was developed first, and has the exclusive Link character).

  2. 10- Sega Rally 2: This was a very fun rally game, and one of the only rally games on the system. Too bad that the game looked really dark on my TV, and that there weren't many courses. But still, a good, quick racer for those who don't have the time to invest in a full blown career mode.

  3. 9- Daytona USA: Daytona USA is a full-blown arcade experience with online gameplay, which would do a lot better now on recent consoles than on the DC. Hard to get into, but once you master the skills to win, Daytona becomes pretty damn fun. I would have like to have seen a few more courses and cars, and a better soundtrack.

  4. 8- Sonic Adventure:Despite having a really poor camera that follows the action, Sonic Adventure still manages to be a fun, playable, and often difficult game.

  5. 7- Crazy Taxi 2: Basically it's the same as the first game, except in a new location, 4 new drivers, new challenges and a new hopping feature. It's still really addictive, and be sure to download the extra challenges if you have the chance.

  6. 6- Grandia II: I haven't delved too much into Grandia II as I would have liked (mainly because I'm afraid my DC will reset in the middle of the game), but each time I've picked it up, I fould it to be very accessable and easy to play, unlike some RPGs.

  7. 5- Resident Evil Code Veronica: Finally, we break away from pre-rendered and static backgrounds! The first RE to have a camera that follows the action, and it feels so much more improved that other RE games, but it still has yet to catch up with Silent Hill, and is not nearly as easy to control as Eternal Darkness. And even though pre-rendered graphics have been ditched, the designers still made a great looking game with some really good textures. Sadly, we won't see a RE game like this until the next RE game hits the GCN in a year or so.

  8. 4- Crazy Taxi: Along with SF Rush 2049, I bought this on the same day I finally bought a DC. Never playing Crazy Taxi and not knowing much about it, I wasn't sure what to expect. What I found was one of the most addictive arcade games to date, and actually a little better looking than it's arcade counterpart. It only has two different "stages", but I played them for hours, trying to beat my score each time.

  9. 3- Metropolis Street Racer (MSR): I thought I would never get the chance to play this game. If it hadn't been for the two times (and copies) of Air Force Delta that refused to work with my system, I would have never gotten this game, especially for the price it went for (before it was $35 used, then on the second time I returned AFD, it was $15, coinicedentally, the same amount of credit I had from returning AFD.). MSR is quite an unusual game in graphics and gameplay. All textures are photo-realistic, and really does make the game stand out, until you realize that most of the polygons are pretty flat. Cars are modeled fairly well, and over 40 licensed makes have been used. The gameplay is less about placing 1st (although there are modes where this is required), but about how you drive as well. Crashing is not an option, and is not essential to your sucess. You'll need to learn how to turn gracfully, and stylishly to earn new stages and cars. While the "sequel" Project Gotham Racing (on XBOX) refines the formual, MSR is still really good, and looks fairly similar to the XBOX hit.

  10. 2- San Francisco Rush 2049: The console versions of the Rush series seemed to get better and better (mainly on the N64), with new options added in each version. SF Rush 2049 may be the best racing game on the DC, even though it only has 6 circuit courses. But the wealth of secrets, options and modes makes this the best Rush yet. And it looks just like the arcade game, all without an extra RAM expansion (like the N64). Sure, the framerate drops when particle effects are emitted, but as a whole, the art design and gameplay make up for it. The multiplayer modes are highly adictive. Me and my brother have engaged in many Stunt competitions for hours at a time. Bit for bit, this game has replay value written all over it.

  11. 1- Jet Grind Radio: Although Fear Effect was the first to use cel- shaded characters (the backgrounds were CG FMV), the entire world of Jet Grind Radio was cel-shaded. The game ran so smooth and so well, it just leaps off the screen, and comes off as something you have never seen before. And this game is not just #1 because I found it at Target for $5.50, no. It's gameplay is great, the soundtrack is wonderful, and the graphics... COME ON! How can you not say this is the best DC game? Sure, Soul Calibur was great, but JGR is in a whole leauge of it's own. If you own a DC, or plan on getting one, this game is one to own.