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Top 11 Games I'd Like To See A Sequel For

written by Shaun McCracken

How often have you played a game so good, or felt that the existing game needed improvement and to want a sequel for even more? Often I ask "Why do they keep making sequels to things I don't like?" and "Why can't they make a sequel for (insert game here)?". Here is the Top 11 games I would like to see a sequel of:

  1. 11- Vanishing Point (originally released 2000 for PS1 and DC) : While the PS1 version stunk in a few ways, the Dreamcast version was not all that bad. The handling physics were a tad off, and it seemed like you drove in an endless circle, but really there was so much that could have been improved in a sequel. The game used licensed cars and had an interesting stunt mode. A good basis for an arcade game that would have been better if it felt a little tighter. Oddly enough, Acclaim released Burnout a year later, which seems like an unoffical sequel to VP.

  2. 10- Blast Corps (originally released 1997 for N64) : When Blast Corps was released back in 1997, it was a highly innovative game. There was no other game like it, even today. Of course, in a post 9/11 world, the idea of destroying bulidings for fun may not appeal to some as it would have if the event never occured. But it wasn't really mindless destruction, you had to clear a path for a runaway nuclear missle truck, plus there were many puzzle elements that made the game seem like you were saving the world rather than destroying it. The biggest problem now is who really OWNS the game. It was published by Nintendo but developed by Rare, which is now owned by Microsoft. So if a sequel were to occur, who would make it?

  3. 9- World Driver Championship (originally released 1999 for N64) : While WDC didn't include real life cars, it was the closest thing to Gran Turismo the N64 would see. The graphics were pretty spectacular, and it definitely could have seen a sequel on a next gen console. Again, I believe Microsoft now owns Boss Studios, so if a sequel were ever to occur, it would be on the X-Box.

  4. 8- Vigilante 8 (last release 1999 for PS1, N64 and DC) : While Vigilante 8 did see a sequel titled Vigilante 8 Second Offense, the poor sales of that title on all consoles made Activision come to the conclusion that the series would be cut off. Activision, I think it's time to dust off the franchise, because it would work so much better now with the online capabillites of all the consoles, plus I preferred the humor of this combat series compared to the darkness of Twisted Metal.

  5. 7- You Don't Know Jack! (last release on a console 2000 for PS1, last PC 2000): What happened to the series? It was one of the funniest game series around! I'm not sure if Jellyvision dissolved during the pass-around phase of Sierra (which is under a very troubled Viviendi Universal). But if somehow the team can get back together and find a new publisher, it would be the best party game on next gen consoles. Plus, the DVD-rom formats and the possibillity of online play gives another reason for the developers to look into restarting the franchise.

  6. 6- Top Gear Rally (last release 1999 for N64): The first TGR was developed by Boss Studios in 1997, with (at the time) really detailed graphics. But the game wasn't that big and the collsions sucked hard, plus there were no licesed rally cars. In 1999, TGR 2 was released and was developed by Saffire (did Rainbow Six for the N64 and Rouge Spear for DC) and improved on some things such as corse design and car physics, and even included SOME licensed cars. I don't know why they only licensed the Subaru Impreza, Toyota Corolla and the Lancer Evolution, but whatever. But now I think Kemco can dust off the license and hopefully give the GCN a much needed rally sim.

  7. 5- Rollcage (last release 2000 for PS1): Both RC games had some wacky control, but the second game had so many features and options that the control was something you could work around. Recently, a game called Drome Racers has been released which was developed by Attention To Detail (who also did Rollcage) mimmics Rollcage very closely. But I think now Rollcage can be a bigger, better game, and hopefully, feel a little tighter.

  8. 4- Chrono Cross (released in 2000 for PS1): Chrono Cross was a remarkable game that had a lot of depth and a great story. Yes, it was the sequel to Chrono Trigger, but so much was changed that it felt like a new series entry with winks to an established line. While it may be in the cards that Square would release a new Chrono game, nothing has alluded to the fact yet. Plus, Nintendo is in the picture for Square again, and this Square-Enix merger complicates things further. The Chrono sereies, especially Chrono Cross, seems to have performed better than Square could have imagined, so instead of pushing Final Fantasy into it's 11th installment, give Chrono a 3rd (and make it GC exclusive!).

  9. 3- 007 Racing (released 2000 for PS1): 007 Racing was pretty ugly when it was released back in 2000 when compared to better PS1 offerings, but 007 Racing set as an appetizer for Midway's update for SpyHunter. After playing the driving levels of Agent Under Fire and Nightfire, a sequel could be more that plausible, that is if EA sticks to the Need For Speed team to handle those stages. I'm sure having the Bond license could now one-up SpyHunter at it's own game.

  10. 2- Pilotwings (last released 1996 for N64): I think the Pilotwings series would make an excellent sim for the Gamecube if they stuck close to realism instead of the comic crap seen in the N64 incarnation. It would definitley be Nintendo's answer to Microsoft's Flight Sim series or Namco's Ace Combat line. Also, a GBA version should be made, that looks very close to the SNES original, but with a truckload more of stages and missions.

  11. 1- Starfox (SNES version released 1993): I know Namco is developing the next StarFox game for the Gamecube, but I'm actually looking for a sequel or a good adaptation for the GBA. Star X was the closest think so far, but it doesn't hold a candle to StarFox. 3-D is deifintley a possibillity on the GBA, so why is Nintendo sitting on their hands on the series? I think a GBA version could sell very well. Look at Metroid Fusion and Mario Kart Super Circuit.

    That's it. That's all. I'm done.