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features >> looking forward

Written By Shaun McCracken

March 9, 2005

Every so often, this feature will take a look at three upcoming releases that you may or may not have heard about. I'll pick out the three upcoming releases currently announced that I, personally, am looking forward to. Perhaps you may have thought about getting one of these titles or not, and maybe I can help you out on your next decision. That's why BlueStorm is here, to help gamers find the information and opinions on the games they want! So, are you ready?

Game #1: Midway Arcade Treasures 3

System: MULTI - Publisher: Midway - Genre: Compilation - Release Date: Fall 2005

While the date is still up in the air (it'll likely be in October, like the last two MAT titles), I already know I want this collection based on the games offered. San Francisco Rush, Rush 2049, STUN Runner, Hydro Thunder, as well as four other racing titles make their way onto MAT3. While this may be the lowest number of games offered in the MAT series, these games are big enough to make up for the lack of titles, and are sure to offer an assload of replay value. Hopefully these will be great emulations without many problems (considering the fact that over half of these games used 3-D architecture). This is the collection I was waiting for Midway to compile.

Game #2: Midnight Club 3 : DUB Edition

System: Xbox, PS2 - Publisher: Rockstar Games - Genre: Street Racing - Release Date: April 12, 2005

I wasn't looking forward to MC3 as much as others might have been until I saw some video footage of the game. It's looking to be quite a fast and exciting racer, and hopefully be better than MCII, at least where the conrols come in. Some are saying this is faster than Burnout 3, which is saying quite a bit, but we won't know that until April. I know that it will probably be faster and smoother than NFSU 2, though.

Game #3: Mega Man X Anniversary Collection

System: MULTI - Publisher: Capcom - Genre: Compilation - Release Date: Hell If I Know

I didn't think Capcom would actually put together a Mega Man X collection, but I was sure hoping they would. Sure enough, one is planned, to include Mega Man X-X6, and a kart racer that never made it stateside. This could possibly be better than the original MMAC, as the MMX games are much tougher, and add even more value, since MMX3 alone fetches about $80-100 on Ebay, maybe more. Hopefully we'll see this one around summer, like last year's MMAC.