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Storm Videogames Timeline : Need For Speed

Welcome to the Storm Videogames Timeline, which chronicles the games within a certain franchise. Here, you will find the games in chronological order, as well as what systems they appeared on and any specific details about the game. Details and dates are written as accurately as possible. Also, these timelines may be updated in the future, so take note of the version date below to see how current it is. If a game is missing, or a detail is incorrect, let me know at !

The first Storm Videogames Timeline covers the Need For Speed franchise, from it's infancy on the PS1 and 3D0, to it's current state on the Xbox 360!

Timeline Version 1.0: Feb. 4, 2006

Year Game Notes
1996 Need For Speed
[available on PS1, 3D0, SATURN, PC]
The first entry in the arcade racing series. The original full title was called "Road And Track Presents The Need For Speed", but by the next game, Road and Track was dropped, and it was just known as "Need For Speed". The game featured cars such as the Acura NSX, Dodge Viper and the Toyota Supra. Each car had it's own "cockpit view", which was really never seen in a NFS title again. Also, this was one of the only NFS games to have point-to-point races.
1997 Need For Speed II
[available on PS1, PC]
Basically a sequel to the original NFS with more focus on exotic supercars. Not too much in terms of improvement.
1997 Need For Speed: V-Rally
[available on PS1]
Electronic Arts published Infogrames (now Atari) V-Rally game under the "Need For Speed" name in the U.S.. The game really has little to do with the NFS franchise, and it's just a straight-up rally racer..
1998 Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit
[available on PS1, PC]
Introduces the police chase/pursuit mode that has become a favorite for many fans of the series.
1999 Need For Speed: High Stakes
[available on PS1, PC]
The fourth intallment of the NFS franchise introduces one of the first pink-slip modes. Here, if two players had a NFS: HS save on each of their memory cards, they could race against each other to win their opponents car, which would be permanently removed from the loser's file. The game was also the first to allow players to buy cars and upgrades, and earn money through races.
1999 V-Rally 2: Presented by Need For Speed
[available on PS1]
Sequel to the first U.S. V-Rally game released, which was again published and rebranded by EA. Included a course editor. Ported to the Dreamcast under "Test Drive V-Rally" by Infogrames in 2000.
2000 Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed
[available on PS1, PC]
The only NFS title to devote itself to one auto maker. It was also developed outside of EA, by Eden Software (which also did V-Rally 2).
2002 Need For Speed Hot Pursuit II
[available on PS2, GC, XBOX, PC]
The first "next gen" title of the PS2/GC/XBOX era. Includes a much broader pursuit mode as well as regular race events. For some reason, the GC and XBOX versions are slightly different in terms of design and graphics.
2003 Need For Speed Underground
[available on PS2, GC, XBOX, PC, GBA]
A drastic shift in terms of design, basically abandoning the supercars in favor of sport coupes and import tuners. EA also created a unique night-time look for the game which has been ripped off quite a few times since it's release. Inlcuded hundreds of body modifications. First console NFS game to be online (PS2 version only).
2004 Need For Speed Underground 2
[available on PS2, GC, XBOX, PC, GBA, DS]
Sequel to NFSU that offered more of the same, but now included a free-roam environment that was kind of useless. First NFS game on Xbox LIVE. Notorious for it's bombardment of in-game advertising.
2005 Need For Speed Underground Rivals
[available on PSP]
Launch PSP title. Rivals was a modified version of the console NFSU games designed exclusively for the PSP.
2005 Need For Speed Most Wanted
[available on XBOX 360, XBOX, GC, PS2, PC, GBA, DS]
XBOX 360 launch title. NFS Most Wanted blended the gameplay style NFS Hot Pursuit 2 with the current Underground titles into one of the better NFS games to date (despite it's poor visual downporting on current gen consoles). EA decided to scrap online support for the PS2 version, since much of their focus was on XBOX Live support for the current and next gen Microsoft systems.
2005 Need For Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0
[available on PSP]
Specially designed version of NFS Most Wanted for the PSP.