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features >> pole position 2k5

Written By Shaun McCracken

Published February 1, 2005


Welcome to the first new special on BlueStorm, Pole Position 2K5! This new special will look into the racing games slated for release in 2005, wether it's certain or not! This year, we see two very high profile racing sims, a resurrection of an arcade classic, a title brought back from the dead as well as everything in between. While it's not the most "definitive" guide to what's coming in 2005, I'm sure you'll find it fairly thourough and informative and a useful guide for the year ahead. Plus, we'll look back on some of the better racing games this generation, just in case you might have missed something, or forgot a game was even released! So what are you waiting for? Click any one of the four tabs above this paragraph to navigate the feature. And as always, ENJOY!