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Up In The Air

Here we have games that are have unknown details, if it's even a sure thing that they're in development or not. It's possible that any of these games can show up in 2005, in some form or another.

Burnout 4

Publisher : EA Games
Platform : ?
Racing Type : Arcade

EA has said about two months after Burnout 3: Takedown's release, that they are planning a sequel for the game, and a possible 2005 release. That really isn't outside the realm of possibillity, because B3 was a fairly successful title, and more so than it ever was under the Acclaim label. But the question is wether or not the game is planned for 2005, and if so, will it even be for one of the cuurent platforms. Rumor has it that Burnout 4 may be planned for release on the Xbox 2/Next system, and possibly the PS3. But what makes EA so sure that the Xbox successor will be out in 2005, let alone to believe wether or not the game will be on a next-gen platform. If anything, I have a feeling that it will possibly be out late 2005 on at least the Xbox and PS2, with a possible appearance on Xbox Next, PSP, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Gamecube.

Need For Speed : Most Wanted

Publisher : EA Games
Platform : ?
Racing Type : ?

We're not sure if this is a rumored title of the next NFS game, or if this is what EA is actually planning. By looking at the name of the title, it seems like EA is looking to pull away from the import-tuner scene and maybe go back to the exotics of the series past. But nothing is really known right now. It may be foolish for EA to abandon the import tuner design that the series has seen recently, as it's doubled the sales of the franchise from what was sold with Hot Pursuit 2. Here's to hoping that this could be a import-tuner VS. exotic supercar type of game, something that I'm sure quite a few people (including me) have been waiting to see.

Next NASCAR Title

Publisher : EA Sports
Platform : ?
Racing Type : Stock Car

If the latest NASCAR title has been anywhat successful, then we could expect EA to release a new NASCAR title this year. Seeing how they retain exclusivity of the NASCAR licnese right now, it would probably be in EA's best interest to develop and publish a new NASCAR title for 2005, as this is the only choice fans have, and if people want to buy the game based upon the franchise, then EA should be making the game. It's really not a question of "if", but "when".

Project Gotham Racing 3

Publisher : Microsoft Game Studios
Platform : Xbox or Xbox Next
Racing Type : Street / Arcade

Microsoft already has one racer slated for release this year in the form of Forza Motorsport, but let's hope that won't keep Microsoft from pursuing another release in the PGR franchise. Gotham has done fairly well for Microsoft and the Xbox, and has established itself as one of the premiere racing franchises for any system. So the question is WHEN will Microsoft release PGR3? The last game was released in 2003, so it's very much possible we could see another installment this year (Bizzare Creations would have had at least two years for a new installment, just like the gap in time between the first and second PGR). The problem is, which system will it appear on? Rumor around the web says that the game may be a launch title for Xbox Next, but would Microsoft really gamble an established franchise that's done well on it's exisiting system in favor for a new system that will have a lower installed base? Hopefully not. I have a feeling that Microsoft may make PGR3 one of it's final PGR installments on the Xbox before moving on to XB Next.

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