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Quick 5: Feeling Destructive

Written By Shaun McCracken

Welcome to Quick 5, a short list of anything that fits a certain theme. Today we'll list five games to play if you have that sudden urge to destroy something, but can't afford to replace your Kirstey Alley "Timeline Of Size" commemeratrive plate collection. Enough witty banter, let's list some crap!

Red Faction II (GC, PS2, XBOX)

The sequel to Red Faction offers more of the same, bloody first-person action with Geo-Mod enviornment destructabillity on the side. Both Red Faction games are known for the abillity to destroy yourself a new or alternate path through the environments, notably blowing a large hole in the wall. This alone seperates Red Faction from other FPS games out there, by allowing gamers to open new paths by destroying it.

Mercenaries: Playground Of Destruction (PS2, XBOX)

The next game on the list is Mercenaries, which was released just last year. Here, your a mercenary assigned to capture 52 war criminals in North Korea, but that's really half the game. The environments offer a lot of destructabillity, inculding toppling buildings and monuments, destroying vehicles, or carpet bombing the hell out of the landscape. The sub title doesn't lie, this truly is a playground of destruction.

Black (PS2, XBOX)

Okay, so this game isn't quite out yet. When it does, though, it will be one of the most destrucitve first-person shooters made. Hailed by many as "gun porn", Black (which was developed by Criterion) will feature fully destructive environments, and plenty of explosions to be had. Not out until the end of February 2006, but it's a game many are looking forward to.

Burnout Revenge (PS2, XBOX)

While not neccesarily offering damage and destruction to buildings, Burnout Revenge unleashes hell on the highway with unholy wrecks and explosions,. Revenge is the most explosive version of Burnout yet, thanks to the crashbreakers that can be used during a race. But it doesn't stop at explosions. Revenge also let you toss around traffic like toys (checking traffic), letting you unleash your inner Lindsay Lohan on the road. Like punching the paparazzi in the jaw, this game is a lot of fun.

Blast Corps (N64)

Perhaps you missed this one the first time around, or maybe you've actually played it, but Blast Corps is one of the most drestructive games of all time, simply because that's the goal of the game. Each stage you'll need to clear a path for a runaway nuclear missile truck, and it just so happens that buildings are in the truck's path. So the most logical thing to do is just destroy every building in sight, or it will be one cold nuclear winter. At the time, this was one of the most impressive looking games on any console, with some realistic looking explosions and effects. Now, it does show it's age, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun to play.

Runners Up: Vigilante 8 (PS1, N64), Vigilante 8: Second Offense (DC, PS1, N64), Half Life 2 (XBOX), Incredible Hulk : Ulitmate Destruction (GC, PS2, XBOX)