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What The Hell Is That?

written by Shaun McCracken

I'm trying out a new game of sorts on this site. I've taken seven pictures, screwed them up in Photoshop, and you have to try and guess what they are. Sometimes they may be obvious, other times the pictures can be a mess. I will provide some hints on what the game can be, but this woun't be easy! If you like this game, or have any feedback, let me know by signing the guestbook, or e-mailing me at

The first "introduction" to the new game has a theme: they're all Super NES games. But remember, there were 400-500 games released on the system, so who knows what the hell these could be. Scoring is done on your part, so if you get a picture right, give yourself a point. Answers are at the bottom.

#1: Released in 1994 by Nintendo and developed by DMA Design. Had the same pre-rendered look as Donkey Kong Country.

#2: Released in 1991 by Nintendo. Port of a popular PC-sim.

#3: Released in 1991 by Nintendo. Had four different events to choose from.

#4: Released in 1995 by Nintendo. Was supposed to be on the N64.

#5: Released in 1991 by HAL America. Had two mirrored "mode 7" planes.

#6: Released in 1992 by Bullet Proof Software. A Gameboy version of this game was released one year prior.

#7: Released in 1991 by Konami. Fourth in the game series.

Which game is which? Click and drag below this text to reveal the answers! Did you get all 7? If you got at least 5 out of 7 right, you did pretty good; and if you got all 7 right, well that's fantastic. I don't have an award you can print out, but feel free to make one yourself, if you really need to feel validated.

Game # 1 was Uniracers
Game # 2 was Sim City
Game # 3 was Pilotwings
Game # 4 was Killer Instinct
Game # 5 was HyperZone
Game # 6 was Faceball 2000
Game # 7 was Super Castlevania IV